Medical IT Woes

I love waking up to snow, it reminds me of being a kid and how exciting new snow was.  Of course I also lived in the upper midwest for most of my school days, so a snow didn’t necessarily mean a snow day, just like now as an adult.  But it doesn’t change the fact that it was a beautiful winter wonderland outside this morning without the scary car sliding slickness nor the hour of shoveling to get the car out.  My drive was not so bad either, most schools had a 2 hour delay so it halved the traffic, so even with the slow movers, I got here on time.  All in all, it’s been a good start to the day, so I’m hoping the rest of the day continues this nicely.

Yesterday was filled with quotes and minor updates to things before I could get to the hovering over my head project for one of our medical IT clients.  We have a series of flash based websites that contain interactive flip books.  In the original design which had basic functionality, there were 5 content pages on the flip book, which made the booklet a total of 12 pages including the front and back cover.  In the actual content I received, there were 6 pages of content, which would then add 2 pages to the flipbook and make the design change dramatically.  So after painstakingly building out each page with the appropriate content, I have to go back and relabel them all to accommodate the new pages.  Fun.  It’s one of those things that happens that seems like had I been given all the information up front, not a big deal, but since I had to keep going back and asking questions, it has drawn out the project tremendously.  Of course in the end, there’s a fully built project with source code so when the next similar project arrives, we can reuse all the hard work I put in and get it functioning as it should in much shorter time, because rather than having to actually build the entire thing out, the content can be swapped out in minutes.