5 Feet to the Right

I relocated from my old desk today to one that is a little less of a pentagon since my work roommate moved out. It’s nice to be parallel to the wall and to have both arms resting evenly on the desk. I’m still trying to fiddle with the lighting some because it is weird, but the first big step has already been taken so it’s downhill from here for the rest of the adjustments. I could have relocated last week, but it kept looking like too much of a chore for the early morning when I come in and am in my mostly groggy state. So today was the day, and with a little help it was done before I knew it. I almost don’t know what to do with the extra desk space. I seem to have compressed it all to my old desk specifications, but I feel like it will all slowly spread out as time goes on like the universe. I had a normal desk in the old building, but when we relocated to here the desks in this room were large and awkward and we didn’t want to bother trying to move them. So we switched desks and my old desk remained lurking in the video studio now housing an owner-less computer for random tasks.

So since the setup is over, I can get back to the tasks at hand. Today yields more adding of content for our 800+ portfolio items into the database for our up-and-coming DDA portfolio webapp. It involved some new advanced programming, some database programming, graphic design, cascading style sheets to create. While there is bound to be more tinkering and there is certainly tons of content left to write for the many items before they can be added, it is basically functionally complete.

This is one portfolio that is Flash animation free, so it will be able to be viewed across all platforms, including all the picky Apple products. So there still may be some time for all the content to be added, but before you know it you’ll be able to view all our works in one place on any device.