A Hospital Stay and Medical Musings

I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in the past week! Unfortunately, I found myself incapacitated for most of the holiday week, in the hospital with a serious stomach situation. I’m feeling better now, but the time spent down made it so I have a lot of catching up to do with my 3D medical animation projects here at DDA Medical.

During my stay at the hospital, I couldn’t help but meditate on just how much technology is used in the medical field. Everywhere I looked was medical and healthcare IT at its best; from the medical technology used to take patients vitals, to the advanced techniques physicians use to diagnose their patients, the medical world is one that goes hand in hand with technology.

It only goes to prove that DDA Medical’s approach when it comes to Medical eLearning tools and Medical Training is the right one. As medical technology advances, so too should the training that doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals receive. DDA Medical offers the very best in medical training solutions using 3D animations, Flash animation, interactive video, medical simulations, online medical training exams and certifications, and so much more. Now that I’m back to work, its time to get started once again in creating some of the best healthcare IT solutions that the web has to offer!