A little off the top

On Friday I got a hair cut.  It’s generally not a big deal. I tend to not get it cut enough, so I’m complaining for weeks about it.  So I went, sat down and said that I needed a trim.  The hairdresser asked how much to cut off. I explained; she showed me and I said “perfect.”  I took off my glasses and let her get to work.  A few minutes later it was all over and I put my glasses back on to find that she could have just used the clippers on my whole head for as short as it is.  I like my hair short, just generally not this short.  The fun thing about hair is that it grows back in.  In some cases, it’s better to under estimate rather than over estimate, this was one of those cases.

At DDA, it’s my job to look for ways to cut off the excess.  It could be in a programming style, in getting better requirements or in better overall planning.  Some days it may be getting the interactive website to shave off a few seconds of load time by optimizing a long-running query.  Sometimes it will be creating reusable code by encapsulating it in a function and/or CFC.  Sometimes it means taking an existing application and making small modifications to streamline the process, but most of the time this doesn’t make it any faster, and can instead introduce a lot longer programming time.