A Message to DDA from the Recession

Give me a break. I have done my darnedest to spread doom and gloom across America.

From housing to manufacturing to banking and every kind of service industry, I have worked my manipulative evil magic on the minds of logical, intelligent Americans. I have destroyed morale, caused a million layoffs, put companies out-of-business, slashed 401ks, made grown men cry and women cry out. I am recession hear me roar.

But I don’t get this Dynamic Digital Advertising, this full service, high tech, traditional and interactive Marketing and Advertising Agency. They have no fear, they are busy and doing well. Their marketing is strong, their clients loyal and their quality of work and creativity beyond all competitors.

Websites, programming, copywriting, interactive flash, video, animation, illustration, graphic design, elearning, multimedia,  photography, search engine marketing and so much more. In house by degreed professionals, all made in America.

I give up,  I’ll go after the easy targets, the low hanging fruit, the ones who accept down  and out, doom and gloom, recession and depression. I guess even I can’t win them all!