A Reward in and of Itself

Youth is wasted on the young. — George Bernard Shaw

So far, the beginning of 6th grade is proving to be an existential crisis for Luke. As most kids, (and who am I kidding, most adults) the goal is to get the homework done as fast as is possible, regardless of whether it is right or wrong. The other night, Luke had a sheet of homework, one like I’m sure we’d all recognize, some words with some blank lines asking questions about the material that should have been read. The very first question that Luke couldn’t ‘figure out’ was a direct quote from the first paragraph of the chapter. He had just filled random words in the blanks. He was so busy being annoyed that he had to properly fill out his homework that he didn’t see that 5 seconds of reading would get him the answer, rather than the 15 minutes of complaining and being annoyed. It’s a lesson that most of us are still learning. This coupled with his fencing class on Saturday made reinforced my view. They had a section where they were partnered up practicing the lunge, and his half hearted attempts were annoying as all get out. He just wanted his turn to be over rather than practicing proper form. It reminded me of many times in my past where getting things over with was far more important than actually doing a good job. Perhaps today I would regret those choices of my youth (and who am I kidding, of today) where I’ve taken the easy way out and not learned until later why my choice was wrong.

So when designing and programming an interactive website, do you want someone who gets it done quickly, and perhaps improperly? or would you rather have someone who takes the time to do things correctly, how things are supposed to be done? When it comes to money, some would much rather take the first choice ‘less time means less money’. Is that always the case though? In the long run, will your website underperform and updates need to be made sooner rather than later? At DDA, our websites are all custom work, we give you what you want and we take the time to do it right. The best part is that we can do it quickly, but we do not sacrifice quality. We will let you know that you’re not going to get some standard template that can be downloaded off the latest open source site that will not fit your needs, we take the time to get it right, so that it works now, and for some time into the future. Like a good piece of furniture, your website will be solidly built to last.