A Smooth Ride

As we end August, all I keep thinking of is how my commute will suddenly become at least 10 minutes longer and on some days, 15 minutes. It’s already started to get a little more backed up. It’s always amazing to me that that many more people are on the road once school begins, but it’s true. There’s one area in particular that gets super backed up. It’s for no other reason than the sheer volume of cars that are in that one spot at that moment. During the summer months, it’s a breeze. But come fall, it’s a nightmare. It really makes me realize how many people live in this one area.

At DDA, our busy level varies from season to season as well. During the summer months, things always seem a little bit lighter, as people are out of the office more on vacations, holidays, and other happenings.  Then fall comes around and people get focused on projects at hand, whether it’s a video for an upcoming trade show, website design and development, or an animation project, they have a need and turn to DDA.

But no matter how big the demand for our medical marketing and corporate advertising services is, traditional or interactive, we have an efficient, cost- and time-effective process that allows us to seamlessly meet all needs in a timely manner. So unlike my painful commute that just drags on and on, DDA creates high-quality work from video production to eLearning platform development with virtual medical simulations to even iPad and iPhone friendly development and Flash conversion services.  With DDA, it’s always a smooth ride.