A Webinar’s Debut

Laurence, our Director of Motion Arts, and Tyler, a DDA Programmer, are currently on route to Saint Louis, Missouri to record a webcast that will be broadcast live tonight at 10 pm EST. This event has been long in the making, starting back in late October and finally making its debut this evening. The webinar is the first in a series discussing the benefits of a drug on a particular disease and its effect on organs.  Due to its medical subject, the webinar interface, accompanying PowerPoint slides, and  site content went through numerous rounds of legal review and revisions. When a change was made–regardless of how small– the site once again entered the stringent review process. It certainly wasn’t the most efficient process, but a necessary one when dealing with topics concerning patient health. It is a reality of medical work DDA and our staff is accustomed to and one we embrace. As with every project we undertake–whether it be a corporate overview brochure or custom medical eLearning program–we aim to deliver the best product possible that is powerful, and most importantly, accurate. By adhering to FDA regulations and guidelines, our staff of medical graphic designers, custom programmers, and video technicians can be confident knowing the project they’ve produced meets the high standards required for healthcare.

In addition to accuracy adherence, this project flexed our muscles in terms of capability. Containing an advanced registration system that reminds registrants of the upcoming event through a calendar file, robust back-end that records user data, and flash-based interface that seamlessly streams video with a PowerPoint presentation, the abilities of our full-service medical advertising agency were explored to deliver a program that will raise the awareness of a particular drug to the medical world.