A Weekend Fly-By

Well, it was one heck of a weekend for me.  I spent Friday morning in the J.L Freed service waiting room, waiting on my driver side mirror to be fixed.  Thankfully they provide a customer wireless access point so I could catch up on my streaming TV-watching since I have no interest in what Regis and Kelly (though it was not Regis, it was a fill-in) had to say about anything.  After being there a good hour and a half, the body shop guy comes in to tell me my car is ready — BUT they didn’t have the painted side of the mirror, so they’ll have to order it and give me a call to come back in when the job can be completed.  So then from there I rush over to Luke’s school to get him to a noon dentist appointment — in Quakertown (about a 30-minute drive from his school) so that we can find out his molars are coming in and there was no real reason to show up.  After dropping him back off at school, I had a few hours to clean before a friend was popping over for dinner.  Saturday was a bit more relaxed, having only to go to a fun basketball game at 1, home by 2:30.  Sunday on the other hand was a mad rush of trying to clean the house, along with putting away the Christmas decorations, which is always an all-day event.  Add to this some football fun, and we have a day of it.  The only excitement to top that was Luke’s dad’s family all being ill with a stomach virus.  So now on top of all the weekend work, there’s that hanging around.

So as I start my week feeling like I didn’t get much of a weekend and hoping to stay healthy, I have two projects I need to focus on this week, and a third that will probably pop in here and there.  The main programming project is on a short timeline for a Medical IT website.  It will be a site where certain persons affected by a certain disease will be able to log in and store some medical information, which will help keep track of medications, appointments, and general well-being throughout the treatment process.  We actually have several of these types of medical websites in the works, which in a way feels rewarding, being able to create something that will help someone get through their struggles.