Activity or lack thereof

It’s not easy being out a day of work. You wind up coming back in and having a whole pile of stuff to dig out from before you can get on to what you were working on the day before.  Of course it doesn’t help that it was a Monday, since usually the first half of Mondays is doing that very thing.  It also didn’t help that my phone didn’t work on Friday – I had no incoming calls and no text messages, but I looked at it several hours later and had quite a few voicemails.

Tonight we have a continuing medical education webinar scheduled that Mick and I will be monitoring from here, and Tyler and Laurence are out in the midwest filming.  In order to coordinate efforts, we’re making use of the Google Chat through our corporate email addresses.  It’s a great idea, though I’m having some issues getting it to work.  But that’s usually something that happens to me, Mick just doesn’t want to show up in my list.  But a little tinkering and it seems I just needed the main email address instead of an alias.  Always something.