Advanced eLearning for Even the Toughest Audiences

In some more tales of Moxie — my fabulous, over-energetic, nut job of a kitten — she’s been banned 100% from the bedroom the last couple of nights. Yesterday, she was on much better behavior throughout the evening. There was no hiding behind the couch, scratching until someone grabbed her then jumping upward to lash at their face (her favorite game) nor did she try to spider-man it up the window. I still have no clue how she can do that. But we made an executive decision that one more night of lock-out might help further the lesson that we don’t bite people’s toes while they’re sleeping nor do we strip the painted shutters bare with our claws at 3 a.m.

At DDA, advanced training and eduction techniques are something of our fortae. We create complex eLearning platforms with a combination of media meant to stimulate the mind, engage users, and increase retention of information. Embedded video, 2D or 3D animations, supplementary textual information, and even custom-developed virtual medical simulations, are all part of our regular capabilities.  Whether it’s allied professionals, physicians, or even patients you’re trying to teach, we help you create an immersive environment that gets users excited about learning. Our new division AppleSavvy helps you connect to audiences on all platforms, by converting existing sites and developing new sites that are iPad and iPhone friendly.

I think I’m pretty safe in saying that no matter the industry or need, the audience you’re looking to educate doesn’t regularly nip at your heels or dive head first into a bag of pellets. Even so, DDA has the techniques and advanced capabilities to break through to even the toughest of learners.