All Hallows Eve rain out

There we were after months of preparations on a costume (ok not months, we actually made most of the costume last year, but it took months then) ready to hit the trick or treating trail only to get poured on for the hour we could stand to be outside.  Some of the costume melted, face paint got washed away and everyone was tired and soaked, not even the huge golf umbrella could keep me dry, so we were definitely tricked this year.  At least we got the opportunity to have a good party the night before.  There’s something awesome about having a kid dressed up as a skeleton warrior and a bonfire as a background.  Overall we didn’t let the rain on our parade affect us too much, but I think everyone was a little less excited about the holiday.

What we don’t want at DDA is to rain on our clients’ parades.  Months of preparation can go into websites, coding testing retesting and the final launch. We can’t have something small causing big errors or wind up seeing the server unable to handle traffic.  A lot goes into the preparations that most people wouldn’t even notice.  Sure we have a great product at the end, but there’s so much behind that.  From starting with the idea to expanding on the outlines to actually making things function, there are hundreds of steps we have to take every day.  On even a basic website with some sort of login portion, there are screens to map out, databases to design, graphics to be put into place and hundreds of elements in between.  After it’s all said and done, it’s one cool website.