Back in Town

It is always hard to come back from a vacation, even if it was just a short trip away from home (but a week away from work).  Between having to get up early again and having to remember to pack a lunch to actually having to sit in a room for a full day instead of being outside, it’s pretty much a no win situation.  Even more difficult then is having to spend the first few hours of your day back figuring out what it is that you need to do next.

Here at DDA we have a great staff of programmers and IT people that can usually take over pretty well if someone else is out of town.  It works out really well, except for the fact that it makes things more difficult to catch back up on.  My emails have all been read, problems have been taken care of, with only the slight inconvenience that I don’t know which have been read and taken care of, so having to go back and find all of the emails and check back with everyone who worked on things.  Thanks to my fantastic email sorting system, it may be a while.  So once I get through those, I have to conquer the endless programming tasks for the day, check the logs and finish up any loose ends.