One of today’s most popular Internet related new uses for a word or ‘meme’ as the kids say is FAIL.  It’s been around for ages in the gamer/geek world, but it’s been picked up by just about everyone now.  Anyway, the term FAIL is used to basically describe anything that doesn’t work quite right (in this context).  But the old way is the way I like to think about it, like ‘failure’ as in ‘hardware’.  This past weekend I read an article about the XBox 360’s poor hardware longevity.  In a study done, it appears that about 55% of XBOX 360’s have some sort of hardware malfunction, producing the dreaded RROD (red ring of death) and upon reception of a fixed 360 from Microsoft, those additional consoles have a 42% failure rate.  Of course this compares to the PS3 and Wii, which are about 11% and 7% respectively.

I guess as a people, we have expected this sort of thing from Microsoft.  It’s why there are patch Tuesdays.  And for those of us who have the XBox 360, we are very pleased with it for some reason, I’m not sure what that reason is, but, we like our Xbox.  So, I’m not exactly sure why we all keep supporting Microsoft, but we do, and we really shouldn’t, until they get their act together.  I put in in terms I can easily understand.  I want my games to look cool and I don’t want to pay top of the line prices.  If I was going to do that, I’d go with the PS3.  The wii has its own genre, I’m not looking for fancy graphics, just fun interactivity, there isn’t even a comparison.  It’s a little bit like DDA, with DDA you get great design and good looking work for a fraction of the cost that some of the higher priced design and media companies would charge.

So lets think of this FAIL in terms of DDA.  We design websites, create interactive marketing and media.  Lets say we build a basic website.  We don’t build it for only 50% of the people who would be using it.  We launch  a website where 50% of the website is broken and showing errors.   Even if one error pops up during the process, we don’t need people to ship the whole thing back and wait several weeks before getting back a brand new one that may or may not completely stop functioning soon.  If we did this to our clients, we wouldn’t have very many clients for very long.  So on one hand, we do work like the Xbox 360 model, we want to provide top of the line design and interactivity, without the hefty price tag, but our custom programming holds up its end of the bargain;  we are not a FAIL.