Happy Birthday Luke

It’s Luke’s birthday today; he’s 12.  It’s pretty impressive really, watching a kid grow up.  I missed most of the formative years of my little brother, so I imagine this would have been like it, only more in the parenting role.  Not that I didn’t have any influence on Andrew, anyone who knows us can see we’re definitely two peas in a pod, but it’s different.

Likewise, I’ve watched the DDA programming department grow up.  We have gone from just one programmer to three, starting with really basic things to now working on some amazing projects.  You could say that we’re still growing up, growing pains included.  We spend most of our time in our room doing “who knows what” and our dad seems to be concerned.  But over the years thankfully we have put in place some processes to make sure we’re doing the right thing, but there are some things that still could be improved on.  We are held accountable by our project coordinators.  Each of them assigns tasks based on the project and makes sure we’re on task and on target with time.  Mick makes sure we have things to do, and if not, knows what projects we can work on and then gets the coordinator to work with us.

Right now I see DDA programming department as sort of a teenager.  A little awkward, a little bit still needing to figure out who they are, maybe a little rebellious.  We are brilliant and full of energy, ready to take on the challenges that we face.  In the years and months to come, it is our job to bring the department into adulthood, refined and working in the most efficient manner possible.  That’s not to say we can’t make mistakes, just that we’ve learned at this point from our experiences.  Here’s where the finishing touches might come in handy, like my post yesterday about unit testing.  There are technologies and methodologies out there already created by someone who has been there, we just have to take the time to learn them and use them.