Information overload

We have a new neighbor. It’s really nothing all that unusual, most of the homes on my road are rented. I’m not quite sure how this one is making any money at all, the house was empty for a long time between the previous two tenants, and the second last one stopped paying rent a short time into his stay. I know how much the house was selling for, and approximately how much it’s being rented for, and I can see no profits being made as of yet. But in this economy, I suppose you have a better shot of renting than selling, but then again, who wants to live in Hatfield? So while they were hauling the washer and dryer and refrigerator into the house, I was busy playing video games and working on one of those ‘emergency’ projects.

Being a programmer isn’t all that easy, and keeping a server running smoothly and securely is even more difficult. I’m constantly trying to update my skillset by taking in as much information as is possible on a daily basis. There are basic programming things to learn, better ways of producing widgets, different database design possibilities and ever cropping up issues with security that has to be on the forefront of our minds. Last week while reading about a security hole and its various methods of closure, I ran across some theories and code that takes care of another similar security concern. The problem is, I couldn’t find that article code again when I looked. For an hour I spent scouring all the archives that I have, all the usual reading haunts, and found nothing, not even a nod to the subject matter. It’s as if it never existed. As much as I love the internet, I get overwhelmed at the information, or lack thereof. And it’s not as if my ‘code repository’ helps, searching through tons of bookmarked sites just isn’t how it’s meant to work.

I think this week I’m going to look into a real code repository, where I can copy snippets, label and keyword them and stick them in a database for easy searching. That’s the only smart thing to do…. and it’s using technology wisely.