It’s almost here

Yes, I’m talking about Halloween, my favorite holiday.  This year the preparations weren’t as tough as last year where I had to start that a clear month in advance, but I probably should have started earlier.  Luke is wearing the same costume as last year, so most of the work to that was mending missing finger armor for his ‘gauntlets’.  This year however, the whole family was invited to a party, so it means that the adults also needed costumes, which I had not planned on.  So, in short time, much planning and gathering had to be done on top of the usual weekend events.  The worst part is, there’s not a fabric store for miles.  Sure I can find several of those Halloween mega stores within spitting distance of my house, but who wants to spend a fortune on a really low quality costume?  Not me for sure.  If I’m going to have a crappy costume, I am certainly not going to pay much for it and I’d far rather make it myself, so I at least have an excuse.  So I spent the weekend gathering materials and knowledge about how I was going to construct this costume, which isn’t quite done, and I still have to get my costume together.  I’m feeling a bit frantic.It reminds me of most of my days here at DDA.  When we set out on a project we have a lot of requirements gathering to get to know before the project begins. Is this a webite we will be hosting? What is its purpose?  What sort of interfacing do we need? What sort of interactivity?  How is the database going to need to look?  Is there going to be a custom security system?  All of this needs to be filled in before we can even start thinking of the project.  Each question seems to be answered by another sometimes.  Planning is the key to making the project work smoothly.  If everyone knows what the final result is supposed to be, and how it’s going to look while getting there, then we can’t get too far off track.Now if only I knew what my costume was going to look like, I might be able to make a proper plan to get that done too.