Monday Faire

I love the Renaissance Faire (remember the e on the end makes it authentic).  I’ve been to a few, and that generally makes me sort of a geek, but what doesn’t?  Every one that I’ve been to is a little different, all have events and stages full of fun “period” performers.  This year we’ve made the trip out to twice, the first day was for children’s day, which celebrates the Queen’s birthday (and kids get in free, saving some money) and this past weekend we went for the wine festival, and included a wine tasting and cheese pairing in the day.  It was educational and fun, and we got souvenir Mount Hope and Pa Ren Faire wine glasses.  Of course, I’m not a huge wine fan, I drink it and I’m OK with it, and the tasting was fun, but my favorite part of the day was the 4:30 p.m. show of Fushu Daiko, a traveling Japanese Drumming performance group.  I really love watching Taiko drumming.  The rest of the evening was pretty much spent sitting in Swashbuckler Brew Pub, people watching.  I have to say that of all the events at the various Ren Fests, people watching is overall the most fun, especially over a frothy mug.

So here I am now today, back in reality, in the year 2009, no frothy mug, no people watching, instead, a lot of screen watching.  I booted up the good old computer this morning and my Internet access was blocked, so the first hour was spent troubleshooting.  Eventually I gave up and restored back to what it was on Thursday when I left, and voila, it worked.  Strange to me, that it works when I leave, not when I come back, and then again when I restore, almost like something happened in between.  It’s quite a downer when the first thing you want to do is get up and going on your programming tasks for the day, and the computer lets you down.