New New New

It seems there are big things brewing at our beloved Adobe Labs (formerly Macromedia, formerly Allaire). Coldfusion 9 was just released and there’s been an announcement that the new CS5 Flash product has built in iPhone app support. All in all, pretty cool. Of course to me this is more of a brain drain than anything. It seems to me that we just got our CF 8 installation less than a year ago, and we’re already ‘behind the times’. But such is the way of the world right now, your 6 month old iPod is 2 generations old. Your 36″ LCD tv from 3 months ago is already a thing of the past. Of course computers aren’t much different. It is quite frustrating, wanting to be on the cutting edge but not having enough time in the day and money in the bank to keep up.

Of course, having limited resources also keeps one from falling into the trap of getting the shiniest new thing just because it’s new. Sometimes it is wise and prudent to go with technology that is proven to work, that isn’t going to be a ‘flash in the pan’ and be passe tomorrow. It’s funny, critics have been calling Coldfusion dead for about 10 years now, but here we are 5 or 6 versions later and it’s still going. I guess people have realized that spending a thousand dollars on great server software will in the end save a great deal of time in development and rollout, so much so that it probably pays for itself in the first project. Of course my PHP friends would disagree, saying that they can provide the same thing without the expensive server software, in the same amount of time and resources. But, can they seamlessly integrate graphics designers who are good at design and not at programming into their plans? Not so easy. But of course that’s just my opinion.