Programming at DDA

Being that this is the first blog, and it’s a Monday, I haven’t got much to write about regarding work, I’d much rather be writing about my weekend, because for once that was productive. Alas, this is work, and with work comes responsibility.

I guess I should start off with what it is that I do here at DDA, break the ice so to speak. I have been here at DDA for about 5 years, or at least it will be in June. Prior to DDA, I’d been in the programming/tech field for 3-4 years doing everything from programming to tech support, so I know a little about a lot. It makes for fun conversation at least. Once with DDA, I started out being the lone programmer that just sort of maintained some of our larger ColdFusion sites, made some forms work, pretty mundane programming tasks. I am now the lead of 4 programmers, each of us with our own sort of specialty (some still stuck doing mundane forms), working on projects on the larger scale. Dynamic intranets, CRM applications, fancy ColdFusion and Ajax interfaces have become my mainstay.

My goal here will be to throw in new stuff I find, or little web programming or database programming code snippets that I’ve found useful, so maybe something I find will be of use to someone else (if only to just say, what the heck is she thinking!?!?) I’m not always on the cutting edge of technology, it is difficult to hold a productive job and stay up to date with things and still have a happy home life…but hopefully there are nuggets of goodness in there somewhere.