Reboot ahead

As I sit here writing my blog, I am multitasking, or rather, my computer is.  I am once again installing the latest and greatest graphics drivers for my NVidia graphics card.  Since my screen is displayed via a splitter to both my desktop and a monitor in the large room, every morning I have to boot up my computer, crawl under my desk (not before it’s booted up, where I have to crawl to flip on the power supply to turn it on) and swap the video cables.  You see, my graphics card doesn’t recognize the fact that I have a monitor plugged in when it’s plugged into the splitter, so if I forget, the computer starts up with only one screen, which then requires a reboot to show the screens properly.  Of course if I have to restart my computer for some reason during the day, I have to follow this procedure again, this time doing the swap twice.  At the end of the day I try to remember to plug the correct cables in before I leave, since I’m down below switching off the power strip.  In any case, this is a minor annoyance that I hope someday will be fixed with the graphics drivers.  And now I have to reboot.

After the reboot, nothing has changed, except maybe a faster load time, which then has dragged since, presumably because of the anti-virus installed.  At any rate, as usual, things are back to ‘normal’ so I’ll have to continue crawling under my desk to ensure that everyone is happy.