Sore back Tuesday

When it was first created (here in the US), Labor Day was a celebration of the working man, the reason for the prosperity of the US. It started with parades and celebrations, and seems to continue that tradition today, but on a much smaller scale. Most people still have picnics. Some people take the time to actually relax, going on a short vacation to fill up the 4 day weekend, and others, like myself, tend to take the labor part of the day and work on labor intensive projects for the weekend. This of course goes completely against the reason for the holiday, and shows us that we the people aren’t taking the time we need to get that much needed rest and relaxation, instead we need those holidays to get stuff done. So that’s what I did, finishing up long sitting projects that just had a few minor things to be completed. It sounds like my every day work, though here I get to sit in a chair and not wind up with sore muscles and back from actually moving.

Today and much of this week will be finishing off long standing projects that are just about complete, but not quite. One of our interactive websites is nearing programming completion, with some minor tweaks that need to be done, as well as a new section of programming which will probably have to take on a new active response system. The site has a section to choose certain medical diagnoses, in a long list. Certain choices will open up further choices that must be narrowed down, and some choices will bring up a whole new section of questions that need answers. It’s going to be quite involved. Of course there are also other sections that will require some work, but this is the big part, which will require some combination of Coldfusion and Javascript (jQuery specifically).?