When it ices it pours

This weekend I noticed something odd about my house, the outside didn’t look quite right.  Apparently over the past few snow storms, with the melting and icing, my rotting fascia pulled away from the house, which now requires us to get new gutters.  Now, I knew for quite some time that this was going to be an issue.  For as much work we do on the inside of the house, we tend to neglect the outside.  It seems that bad weather only hits on the free weekends or there’s just other more important family things to do.  Now is the time to regret that however, since I’m going to have to replace all the fascia boards then do the proper thing and get the soffit and fascia repaired or aluminum covered and get new gutters all the way around.  I’m certainly not looking forward to that bill, but at least it will be done.

Neglect to houses and having pieces fall off is very metaphorical for server and website maintenance as well.  As a member of the IT/Programming team, it is our job to insure our gutters aren’t falling off the house, which generally means keeping up with maintenance of the server and of our websites.  If a website is running slowly (clogged gutter) we need to figure out what the issue is that is causing the backup.  It could be the server itself, or it could just be that we needed to take a look at the site itself and find where our bottleneck is.  Perhaps there’s an error that we’re not catching (pinecone in the down spout) or maybe a query that’s taking too long to run (a clump of dirt and leaves caught in a seam).  Sometimes the website is just too old and doesn’t look contemporary enough or has outdated information (rusted through) and needs to be replaced to make your business grow (basement flooding is not pretty).

When it comes to maintaining your websites, be it medical, eCommerce, or something else entirely, DDA can make the repairs.  Whether it’s something new and interactive or informative and search engine optimization (SEO) friendly to give your business new leads, we can keep your website running smoothly.