Another weekend ends, another week begins

Well, I’m sure everyone will be glad to hear that my bathroom renovation is down to the finishing touches. Half of the trim is up, it’s all been painted and it’s looking well. There are some trim pieces that need to go up yet, as well as decorations and a nice shower curtain, but the large part is complete. Check it out!Bathroom before and after

So that brings us up to the beginning of the work week which should hopefully end a few dangling projects. We have the custom programming project of the ordering system to be completed, as well as the smaller pieces of the DDA Pulse which is to be our headlining DDA APPS piece. At the moment I am pulling together the Intranet with the PowerPoint Generator, and trying to clean up some of the coldfusion code at the same time. It’s definitely not easy, but it will be well worth it to make the powerpoint system modular and able to be added simply to any project.