Audio Webcasting in Action

Right now, we are in the middle of an audio recording that we are streaming live through a webcast to one of our clients who is three hours behind in California. The project is a continuation of a corporate/medical eLearning tool we developed last year, the voice over talent was chosen through our Actor’s Network, the sound-proof audio booth is in our state-of-the-art video production studios, and the man on controls is our Director of Motion Arts, filling in for one of our video artists.

On the client side, eight decision makers are tuned in and providing feedback through the live chat feature, and any script, pacing, and intonation changes are being resolved instantaneously. At our interactive advertising and marketing agency, this is one of about 30+ projects going on this very minute. This project is proof of our ability to work smart and efficiently, to juggle a diverse workload, and utilize technology to make our client’s lives a little easier. The result is a quality end product and a long-term client/vendor relationship.