August and the Programmer

In a month’s time, I’ll not be getting to work at 7:45 even with a stop at a gas station and for coffee and a bagel. Soon the big yellow buses will be toting around children, vacations will be done with, and moms and dads that changed their working hours will be back on the roads bright and early. So I’m trying to take advantage of my leisurely mornings by taking my time, I just wish I had more time to catch up on some of the DDA projects I’ve been trying to work on.

I think every year around this time, when things slow down, we have great goals to get a lot of DDA programming work done. Obviously it doesn’t get done as fast as we’d like, otherwise we would have amazing programs to work with on a daily basis. I can’t speak for the other programmers, but it seems that when things are slower, other people need us to do other things at DDA than program. My title here at DDA is ‘Senior Programmer’, but what that really means is ‘person with the most IT experience in the building’, so I am used for things other than programming more often than anyone thinks.

I am there as a quote reference, there to identify and diagnose email problems, assist the other programmers when they get stuck, help solve printing issues, and just as a general idea bouncer and sometimes therapist for clients and co-workers alike (oh, and the occasional ‘handyman’ tasks that I love to do). The unfortunate thing about all this is that I don’t always have much to show for my work. If I was forced to be accountable for all of my hours spent in the office, I dont’ think I could. I don’t remember half the things I do 5 minutes after I do them because I just focus on what needs to be done next (or I find myself freaking out at the overwhelming scope of it all).

I guess I should start programming now, while I have the chance. I’ve already spent 45 minutes writing this nonsense this morning.