Back to Pencil and Paper

I’ve drawn Erin before, but it’s been a while, so last night I drew a portrait of my wife for the first time. It has been almost 10 years since I graduated from MICA, a long time has passed since spending endless hours in studios, being in-front of a blank canvas and having group critiques of our art. But I was reminded of these times by watching Work of Art, the Next Great Artist episodes over the past couple weeks. Watching a couple episodes made me feel very nostalgic and I quickly went rummaging through boxes in the basement to find my portfolios, slides and photos documenting work I had done in art school.

Although I haven’t touched pencil to paper in a serious attempt to create a drawing for a long time, my creative outlet has been with at DDA. Everyday I’m creating something new with the latest in web, video and 3D visualization technologies. I get to compose videos and make them come to life, integrating 3D animations and on-location video footage, and spokesperson videos shot in-studio. Then build highly interactive websites to allow users to navigate through the videos and synchronize information to create immersive eLearning experiences.

But the more digital technology tools and mediums advance, the more alien the feeling of drawing becomes. There’s nothing quite like drawing from life, perceiving scale, negative space, light, shadow, perspective and texture and translating it onto paper. As things around us keep getting more complex and time seems to be moving faster and faster, I’ll be trying to slow if down by going back to pencil and paper.