Background Information

A programmer often invests a lot of time to the pursuit of knowledge on the system they program in, for example, a programmer writes specific instructions within the bound of the a computer’s languages frameworks, syntax, and semantics to develop application that users used. All the details of engineering the application is hidden to the user and all the details of the computer engineering is hidden from the programmer who write instruction for the computer to follow. To become an expert in one’s field, dedication to the pursuit of background information is often necessary in interdisciplinary topics. As a programmer the need to understand the computer from the computer engineering point of view is the key, where the engineering sees a computer as a well designed network of circuit logical operand doing computation at a binary level. As a programmer at Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) that implement e-commerce web applications, the need for some preliminary know on how the ColdFusion server interprets the source code of my application is necessary. With this set of knowledge the designing and implementation will be influenced and prevent bugs and less debugging of an application.