Bad Reputation

Back in the 80s, Joan Jett (or perhaps you would rather use the Thin Lizzy song from the 70s) could be heard singing out a song with just those words.  She may not care what her reputation is, but as a company that provides website and email hosting for our Search Engine Optimization clients, we do.  Not only do we care about how well we do our job (and we have the award to prove it), but how well  we do with the included side packages to hosting.

Since yesterday we have been working tirelessly with our server farm to get our good reputation back.  What happened to our good reputation?  Well, in a word: spam.  It’s something that we all despise, and that as an email hosting company we work very hard to deal with.  We are constantly tweaking and testing and monitoring our email server trying to provide the maximum amount of ‘uptime’ and maintain a tremendous amount of legitimate emails while not passing on the illegitimate emails.  It just so happens that because the websites we host are so prominent on the web due to our great Search Engine Marketing, we have a lot of spam bots harvesting emails, and then we get a lot of spam sent to us and a lot of miscreants trying to mess around with our servers.  It is one of those having to take the good with the bad.  Inevitably, legitimate mail gets flagged as spam, and we have to go through the process of finding out the hows and whys and get our reputation back.  It’s a constant struggle, one that we certainly wish we didn’t have to struggle with, but a necessary evil in the current world order.  It is always our goal to provide the best service we can for our clients.