Binary Systems

Zero one zero (010) is a sequence of binary numbers in discrete mathematics. The base 2 binary number system have analyze to solve some of the complex problems. In the computer world, computer architecture and circuit architecture has embodied all the principles and laws of the binary systems. Information is stored in long sequences of binary numbers in computer memory, information such as text document to images to video streams is all possible through a binary system. Interpreting the world through a binary sense is often the challenge of the programmer, breaking down complex concepts and theory into two scalable possibilities often bring complete clarity to the solution of problem. In digital design, integrated circuitry are designed base on the principle of binary circuit where the different voltages are assigned the elements (0 or 1) to represent “true” and “false” or “on” and “off” and Boolean algebra principle are applied in the design process with the operation of basic algebraic functions such as NOT, AND and OR. Complex systems such as the computer is built from the basic abstraction of binary system and principles.