Blah weekend

So I can’t say that ‘nothing happened’ over the weekend.  The Olympics ended, we have one official VP candidate, ‘Madge’ started her tour under controversy, again, and I’m sure a lot of other things that I didn’t pay attention to.  But it was rather quiet on the tech front.  Not that I would have known really, when I wasn’t out doing something, I was  immersed in the world of MMORPG with Luke. 

I didn’t even get much done with the finishing touches in the bathroom, though I have all of the trim in the house and it’s painted, it just has to go up.  I can’t believe that it’s already the last week of August.  I also can’t believe how bad my allergies have been over the last week or so.  They are no where near the levels of years past, but I’m definitely feeling them.  Pollen levels are high, with predominant pollen being ragweed and something I’ve never heard of before ‘Chenopods’.  A quick look-up reveals that spinach and beets are chenopods, and apparently now is the time that the plants flower.  Nifty.  I love the Internet.

I was thinking about what we did for information prior to the Internet.  We had books and newspapers and encyclopedias, but now we have billions of bytes of information at our fingertips that we can access in seconds.  I can look up the pollen count in my zip code and find it within 30 seconds.  I can shop for a new linen cabinet online much faster than traipsing about 4-5 furniture shops in a 20 mile radius of my home.  I can waste my time playing games with millions of other people that want to waste their time too. 

I think that’s why I like my job so much.  I can take this mysterious creature of data and mold it and search it, and make it bend to the will of the user so that it’s all easy to get to at a moment’s notice.  At DDA, I get to work on custom programming projects every day, whether it’s simple website programming, or additions to a CRM. What I do is make life easier for people who have a lot to manage.  If I remember this, how important it is to relieve frustration (my own I’m thinking of) so it is rewarding to know that what I do is a convenience.