BLOG #182

I was curious how many blog posts I have written since DDA’s blog began. When the count went past 100 I was surprised and when I discovered it was nearly reaching 200, I was sort of shocked. 181 Blogs discussing DDA’s extensive list of advertising services such as those in demand now: live webcasting, video presentations, corporate and medical brochures, e-newsletters and online e-learning training tools. When we started blogging my youngest son was 6 months old. He’s now 2 years and his older brother will turn five in 2 months. DDA has weathered the economic downturn, is receiving requests for quotes for medical and corporate websites weekly and is looking optimistically for twenty-ten, or is it two thousand ten? However you will pronounce the upcoming year, you can be sure DDA will be refining and adding to our list of digital services while fine-tuning our processes, continually improving our customer service and providing our clients with the highest level of design.