Breathing life into a static website design

I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Why? Because I have absolutely nothing planned. No birthday parties, no Christmas wrapping or extensive baking or the putting up or the taking down of decorations. Nothing but me, my boys and a warm house (hopefully everyone stays healthy). But, until then I have my work cut out for me. My DDA Medical project list has filled up again and as I await feedback from some preliminary designs sent out a few minutes ago, I will soon focus my efforts on creating a working HTML page from a static Photoshop document. It’s always a new puzzle to figure out and a great sense of accomplishment is felt as I watch my medical eLearning, CME or corporate website design become alive with links, rollovers, drop-down menus and menu pullouts. Before I know it, keyword-rich content is begin added, photos and graphics are incorporated, and the once static image becomes a multi-paged, search engine optimized being ready to be interacted with by our client’s clients, customers or patients.