Learn How to Bring Patient Communities Together through Social Media Solutions

Recently, the medical technology firm, Medtronic, launched a Facebook application for patients living with diabetes. As of today, the app has 38,771 “likes” and the community predominantly consists of Medtronic end customers – those who use the company’s insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring devices, and remote glucose monitors. The app gives patients the chance to share their stories, upload photos, and learn about important safety information.

Medtronic posts to the app regularly with new and practical information that patients can really benefit from, such as promotions on webinars where parents of children living with diabetes can gain useful tips on going back to school and links to resources where college students can find out where to ship their supplies so they don’t run out. For Medtronic, this social media strategy has given the firm an invaluable touch point with customers and insight into their lives.

How can your medical device company leverage social media marketing to engage end customers?

  • Start and Stay Active: The key is to get started sooner, rather than later, so that patients perceive your apps as destinations and not weak replica resources. After you’ve established a social media platform, stay actively engaged with your community of users. Whether you post new information or comment on a patient’s success story, it’s important that your followers know you’re there and interested in maintaining the community long term.
  • Provide Practical Posts: This is one surefire way to avoid stale content and to ensure users have a reason to return to the app often. Simply providing users with a way to communicate isn’t enough in today’s vastly connected society. Content is king. Post information that your target demographic will find interesting or useful in their lives day-to-day.
  • Encourage Users to Get Involved: Promoting interaction within your social media platforms not only helps users feel as though they are a part of a community and gives them a voice, but it provides your organization with invaluable information about your patients on how they live, what matters most, how they actually apply the technology you develop, what works and what needs improvement. Facebook and Twitter can help you break down communication barriers, so that future breakthroughs have real impact.

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