Bug Bites

A shoddy leveling of some old dirt bike jumps that were in the backyard of our new house has left us some puddling. Not really puddles I guess. It’s more like a small pond. The rain this year seems to keep filling it up again whenever it seems to be close to drying up. The effect of this giant pool of stagnant water is a horrible abundance of mosquitoes and other biting bugs.  Last year, interestingly enough, brought a plague of frogs, but this year it is biting bugs. My legs have been bit plenty of times over the past few weeks and the bug bite itch is incredibly annoying. I seem to be accosted every time I bring out a new bowl of kitchen scraps to the compost pile. I don’t know where I am going with this, but the itching is all I can think of right now.

Normally I’d try to spin this introduction story and link it somehow to DDA. I’d either say how many services we have and list a bunch of them like advanced programming, 3D animation, commercial photography, etc., or I would mention how we have videographers, copywriters, programmers, and graphic designers superior to any other advertising company and how they are all in one building without the need for outsourcing. Talking about us being a one-stop shop is common, and sometimes I tout our efforts to be a green advertising agency. This isn’t one of those times though. This time I just can’t think of a way to link my itchy bug bites to DDA other than this round-about explanation of what I normally would do. It gets the job done though. I’ll now resume thinking about scratching my bug bites.