By The Numbers

Are you good with numbers? I use to believe that with numbers what you see is what you get, 2 + 2 = 4 always. However, there are many instances in the last few years where numbers instead of being definitive are utilized in all types of shady deals in business and in government. Remember Enron? What about Bernie Madoff? Very discouraging.

In the work we do at our marketing and advertising agency we work with numbers continuously. Our first encounter with a prospect becomes a double-edged sword when the prospect does not give our business development team enough details to make informed comments. In cases like that, we throw out a number and if it sticks, we know that prospect is at least in the ballpark and we can continue the dance.

It is much more efficient when you get to work with real professionals who know what they want and need. They do their homework and then approach us with reasonable requests. In the end, fishing serves no purpose. The vendor (in this case DDA, gets wary) and the chances of developing a relationship with such a prospect is nil.

The services we offer from building eLearning platforms to virtual medical simulation tools, from SEO content development to complex programming requires real expertise. If as a prospect you find our online portfolios of interest, bear in mind that customized work takes time. Don’t approach us if you have a very modest number in mind, and complex 2D and 3D ideas. You will be disappointed at the number you’ll get. On the other hand, if you have enough of a budget, we can figure out how to accommodate your needs.

When all the ingredients are there, we like doing things by the numbers!