Call me Langdon

It amazes me sometimes in the morning how fast time flies.  This morning it feels like I have not even opened up all the programs I use on a daily basis before I’ve had to handle a number of interesting items that cropped up overnight.  I also find it funny that oftentimes my life is much like that of the fictional Professor Langdon.  I am just about at the first third of ‘The Lost Symbol’ (which I’ve been reading keenly on my Kindle) and again we see our hero sort of stumbling on solving puzzles and cases by luck and knowledge of symbolism.

I have knowledge not of symbols, but of computer systems (not really much different) but some of my problem solving doesn’t necessarily come from experience and knowledge, it comes from being in the right place at the right time to see something going on.  One of our medical IT sites was found to be uploading rather large files and then subsequently downloading them which not only drains our drive space but bandwidth as well.  Unfortunately these are not website related files, so we may have to alter hosting agreements.  The funny thing is, if I’d not have gone in to take a look at the server itself this morning, I’d not have noticed it and this sort of thing could be continuing.  It’s one of those things that we generally don’t mind, but if all of our clients were using us for warehousing and transferring large files, we would run out of disk space and have bandwidth issues in no time.