Christmas Past

After a long Christmas weekend of visiting old and new relatives (my niece is the cutest ever!) we are finally back to work.  It’s another short week, made even shorter by the fact I have to take my car in for an estimate on a mirror that was smashed by some Secret Santa.  It’s not even time for my first oil change yet, but I have to go get the car repaired.  I guess that’s a good thing though — it gets broken in, like an old shoe, you don’t mind if it gets a little muddy.

So this week will be full of catching up on small items that haven’t been tackled yet, I guess an end-of-year cleanup.  There are new year website changes to be made to one of our client sites that is updated quarterly and some minor tweaks to run through in other sites that have been neglected a little with the custom programming that’s been sucking up all of my time in the last few months.  I expect to see a little sprinkle of this, a dash of that.