Cinco de Mayo

The 5th of May.  Why is this so important to a 3rd generation American of Eastern European descent?  Just as the 4th of July reminds those of us in the USA of freedom, so should the 5th of May.  American freedom was won against one of the most feared military of the day, the military of the country that had control of most of the world.  The same went for the battle that commemorates the 5th of May.  Innovation and perseverance, two qualities we should always consider important, led a small band of soldiers to defeat an army twice its size one morning in 1862. 

So what does all of this have to do with programming at DDA?  Is it the cerveza and tacos?  A sombrero and margaritas?  How about a mariachi band?  Ok, well all of the aforementioned things would definitely help programming move along faster and make it more fun, but I’m talking about the bones of what happened that morning in Puebla.  Innovation.  Thinking outside the box. Problem solving solutions.  Those phrases and keywords that we hear from management across the nation.  The Mexicans had a problem, they had to take on the monumental task of defeating an army twice its size.  They did so by diverting the mounted army from the infantry, and using some interesting tactics of cattle stampede.   This is the sort of thing the programmers at DDA face daily.  We have the monumental tasks of taking on some of the most complex custom programming in a short amount of time in order for our clients to have the best possible software that meets their needs.  We cannot always meet every want, but with innovative thinking, we can usually accommodate all requests, limited only by the funding and time we have to do our work in.  We work efficiently on our projects with ColdFusion (it is after all a pretty rapid application development system) to create the most advanced system possible in the shortest amount of time.  This proves on every project that we are capable of amazing things under short time frames and low budgets.  Much like the Mexicans in 1862, we can take on tasks much larger than traditional wisdom thinks, and overcome the obstacles, proving that we can do anything.