Client Cookies

Most web server applications can generate a sequence composed of a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols to store unique client ID for the purpose of identifying them each time they return. With this unique id the application can retrieve information about the client history. The server side scripting language enables this functionality through the client or session scope variables. The session scope variables are capable of storing short term memory storage, which at most has limited time before timing out and clearing all the client information. Some applications use long term storage memory through client cookies which stores a unique id generated by the ColdFusion server and each time the client makes a request to the web application, the application reads the unique identification number and uses it to retrieve information from a database. This technique is not the most reliable because some clients might delete their cookies or some clients might disable their cookies from the browser. Being able to identify a client is a powerful technique in building e-commerce web application because clients don’t have to rebuild their history each time they come to visit the web application.