Code monkey to news junkie, in just 2 days!

Not since the time shortly after 9/11 have I become such a news junkie.  I remember that day, getting into work early as I usually did and watching one of the big news channels, seeing the second plane hit in real time.  We were sent home early to be with family.  For days I was glued to the news channels hoping to hear some good news, maybe that it was just a dream.  I feel almost like that these days, that I hope one day I wake up and it was just a dream, or my dream that politicians do what’s best for us, not them. I generally like to keep myself up to date with the goings on around me, not limited just to the tech news, but as of late, I’ve grown a serious dependency upon ‘the news’.  From the time I got home last night until the time I finally let myself fall asleep, I had on one of those 24-hour news channels.  I wanted to know what was going on with the big news of the week, the ‘bailout’, and get to see random clips of our grand presidential running mates.  Of course this also means that I didn’t get to read about the stuff going on in the tech world, so I don’t know if something huge has happened in the working world.  I guess knowing if Google put out a new product isn’t going to matter much if our economy comes to a grinding halt.  At least David and Elizabeth are working hard to keep us with a job, keep us getting paid.  I appreciate that.

What I have learned in this political season, that I didn’t much notice before, is that the most popular thing to do is not talk about what you’re supposed to be talking about, or in the case of the bailout, throw a bunch of really bad pieces of spending legislation into a bill that is designed to save the world.   Does that sound familiar?  Does that sound like the talk that you get when you sit down with a typical website design company?  They talk a lot about nothing and try to make it sound great, but give you no idea of how the website will work, what kind of programming opportunities there are or if they can even accomplish what you need them to do.  Well, at DDA we have the goods to back up what we say.  I can speak from personal experience that there’s very little we can’t accomplish on the web, whether it’s database interaction, user interaction or search engine optimization.  As a programmer I’ve gotten to write everything from full CRM applications to cool Javascript menus to great ad displays that randomly show one of many opportunities for users to interact with your products.

DDA doesn’t have to rely on spin, you don’t have to hear a lot of circular talk, we just get it done.