ColdFusion Backend Database

The integral component of the ColdFusion language is the Database feature, which is the backend of any ColdFusion application. ColdFusion can access any type of database rather it be Microsoft Access, Oracle, or MySQL. The ColdFusion scripting language uses the ‘<CFQUERY>’ tag to bridge Structured Query Language (SQL) to manipulated database information. Through the ‘<CFQUERY>’ tag the application can retrieve information, update already existing information, or insert new information into the database. Depending on the architecture of the database, if the database was designed to use a relational model query can be built to retrieve information based on their relation to each other, which makes it a powerful tool for any web application where information needs a certain level of relevance for the end user. ColdFusion is the ideal e-commerce web application development language for programmers because of its ability to use database. This feature makes it possible to have a history of data for customers and for the corporation itself. Reporting system can be built to analyze customer history data to predict the next profitable step for the corporation.