coldfusion can can

Every so often, I am asked by a member of the DDA team to write up something along the lines of “What are our programming capabilities?”  I get a chuckle out of this question.  I always have to ask them to get a little more specific about what they’re looking for, or at the very least, if it is OK that I give them a list of things we’ve already done instead.  To me, our custom programming capabilities are pretty much endless, it’s just a matter of time and money and whether or not I think we can get it done in that amount of time and money.  We have been able to do an amazing amount of work for a little programming department, and we’re not stopping our momentum.  So what I like to do is ask in return, ‘How about asking about what we can’t do?”  I can start with ‘well, we can’t travel in hyperspace’ and ‘we probably cannot program your coffee maker to brew beer in 30 seconds’, things that might sound completely irrational, but it may be feasible some time in the future.  Our web programming services are limited only by imagination.

What we can do is work with ColdFusion to create advanced programming; programming which can do just about anything on the web.  If we have access to your database, we can integrate a website with your current inventory management system.  If you need things to float around and work like it’s in a desktop environment but on the web, we can do that too.  What about image processing?  Sure.  File transfers? No problem.  Can we give your dog a bath?  Well, I don’t know about how you’re going to get the shower to chase down your dog, but we could probably find a way to run robotic software to scrub him.  I’m not saying it would be easy. It would probably take years, but we could do it, and we could do it using ColdFusion.  Why?  Because I have faith in the abilities of our team.  We have a unique bunch of very intelligent programmers who can do some amazing programming work.