ColdFusion File Transfer Capability

The more I program in the ColdFusion Server Side Programming the language the more I am exposed to its strengths and weaknesses. ColdFusion is a powerful server side programming language. However, it lacks some useful features which makes the programmer’s job much harder to solve problems efficiently. Because the only way to transfer file from a client computer to a web server is through html form or ColdFusion cfform that generates html form, that restriction limits large file transferring. In fact, because the request to a ColdFusion server has a limited time to connect and then close, it can cause a lot of friction with uploading large files. However, ColdFusion has a wonderful file transfer protocol (FTP) but this capability limits file transfer between servers and not between client and web server. Because ColdFusion is a rich interoperability language, its ability to support many other features and languages makes it possible for a programmer to explore other aspects to solve such a problem of large file transferring.