ColdFusion Language Tag

Since the primary server language I work with in Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is ColdFusion, I am compelled to research and explore all aspects of the language. One such aspect of the language is the <cfcomponent> tag which embodies the very concept of Object Oriented Programming. Such methodologies and concepts of programming amplify the quality of developing dynamic e-commerce web application using the ColdFusion server side scripting language. The ColdFusion Components (CFC) are classes and can instantiate an object with properties and methods that manipulate its properties; pretty much the same concept of classes in other computer programming languages such C++, JAVA, C#, and etc. This way of programming reinforces the concept of data structure, data encapsulation, the concept of inheritance, and polymorphism of objects. Because ColdFusion software is mostly web-based applications, the concept of Object Oriented Programming is entangled with the Model View Controller (MVC) paradigm, and the Model aspect of the paradigm uses the Object Oriented Technique to implement business logic. Using data presentation from Database and create and Object of the each entity incorporating the database. Each field are properties of the object and methods are used to manipulate each field.

This way of programming is efficient for application maintainability because it would be easy to augment the functionality without having to reprogram the entire logic of the application.