ColdFusion Tag

ColdFusion is a tag based server language, its native reserve words always start with angle bracket “<” and the prefix “cf”. The tag to declare variables is “<cfset>”, since ColdFusion does not have implicit variables, variables must be declare explicitly with the “<cfset>”. This means that if you used a variable that was not first declared with the “<cfset>”, you will get a ColdFusion error stating the variable does not exist. A variable in computer programming languages is a memory address capable of holding anything. Since ColdFusion doesn’t define the data of variables, all values assigned to a variable is consider a string. Even a number is a string in ColdFusion variables. When computing numeric values there is a function called “IsNumeric()” which takes one parameter and determines if that parameter is numeric, and returns false if not numeric or true if it is a numeric  value. Also, there is another tag called “<cfparam>” which can be used to declare local variable scope variables in a ColdFusion Template. The “<cfparam>” tag is very useful because it declares the variable and assigns it a default value set by the programmer if the variable doesn’t already exist. This ensures no error occurred when the variable is being referenced in other parts of the application. A programmer can also write their code in Java-like or C++ like syntax just by using the <CFScript> tag.

A programmer has many options when it comes to writing their application.