Communication Overload

Now that a venue, caterer, and ceremony site has been picked for our upcoming nuptials, our focus has shifted to choosing a photographer and DJ and I must tell you, I am getting rather annoyed. About a month ago I submitted several RFQs. After receiving the quotes, I thanked all vendors and informed them that at this point, I was in the exploratory and research phase and that I would contact them with further questions. I did expect a  follow-up phone call or two but not the daily barrage of emails and voice messages that have since followed suit. In fact, it has gotten to the point that I am so turned off by their nagginess that I have crossed off a few of these vendors as prospects. Yes, I understand that times are tough for many businesses, but sales people should definitely be wary of crossing into the territory of badgering.

At DDA, a full-service medical marketing and advertising agency, prospect clients do not have to worry about being bullied into a project. When you contact us with an inquiry, we will gladly meet with you concerning your project and develop a detailed proposal outlining estimated costs. If you need time to weigh and consider your options, we are happy to give you this time and have our word that you will not hear from us aside from a few friendly follow-up emails or phone calls to touch base. At DDA, we let our work and competitive pricing speak for ourselves. Browse our extensive portfolio to witness our staff’s breadth of capabilities. From virtual medical simulations to custom eLearning program development, to ecommerce website design and 2d and 3d animation, we are the source for quality digital advertising technology that is always on point.