Community Day

Perkasie Community Day was fun this weekend. After everyone slept in until at least 11 a.m., we headed to the festivities. My family scored a ribbon of every color in the canoe races so we all had something to show for it. The races were as uncontrollable, chaotic, and tiring as ever so it was a lot of fun. One definite win turned into a third place for my dad and brother because the water level was a little low and they ran aground on the right side of the course. If they would have known about this problem they could have steered away, but alas they got stuck temporarily and were passed by. The fireworks were unfortunately postponed until the coming weekend because of the dry conditions. There was a ‘no burn’ notice posted for the county so setting off fireworks was not a good idea in a park. We will hope for a lot of rainstorms this week so that the warning is lifted, then hope that it doesn’t rain Sunday. We need a nice combination of factors for it to take place, but I know we have some thunderstorms coming up soon, so it might all work out well. Everyone was too hot and tired for the watermelon eating contest an hour after the races, so we headed back with our prizes at that point and relaxed with some ice cold drinks. It was just a wonderful fun summer day.

Today I return to sitting but without an oar in my hands. I instead click my mouse and peck at my keyboard as I stare at my computer screen to keep adding portfolio content. We have so much that it is taking a long time; things of every type, like 3D modeling and animation, advanced programming, corporate video, digital photography, copywriting, custom web design, and more. It’s so large that I challenge anyone to actually sit there and read every single item. If you actually have a job, then don’t bother trying this unless you have some vacation time to burn. It will take a while. There is no prize for this challenge, but I would be impressed.

Make our portfolio larger and call us for your next project. The bigger the better. We handle anything from complex websites for giant corporations to logo designs for a mom and pop shop. Any media need can be met.