Controlled Marketing

I live in a very interesting state, one side of me needs to feel a sense of control at all times, while the other is perpetually out of control. By this I mean, I’m definitely more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of lady versus a planner. However, I need to feel that I have control over a situation at all times. In life and particularly in the working world, this is not always possible. Things often happen that you just can’t control. The best way to prevent issues, is to plan the best you can. I refer you to my second sentence. So you see the interesting juxtaposition I’m in every day.

At DDA, we plan and take control and usually manage both without a problem. Every project from website design and development to video production and beyond, begins with some pretty heavy planning and throughout the process we give as much control to our clients as they desire, with lots of opportunity for review and revision. The work we do also helps companies and organizations do their own planning, with virtual medical simulations that prepare physicians and allied professionals. And of course, we always plan ahead. The new AppleSavvy division is a great example of that. We know many websites won’t display properly on the iPad and iPhone because Flash won’t run on Apple’s mobile devices, so we’re being proactive and offering conversion and development services for all sites using any form of Flash.

All of this planning does give us a very good sense of control, because we know we have our full-service capabilities as a safety net and experienced professionals who will always get the job done well. So whether it’s eLearning or an interactive website you’re after, you’ll never feel out of control with DDA.