Corrupt what?

So over the last two weeks I’ve been increasingly frustrated with my computer at DDA.  Other than the issue I have with the video swap that has to  take place all the time, the past two weeks have been getting worse as far as performance.  It’s been taking longer to boot up in the morning, and much longer to shut down at night. Half of the time I give up and just kill the power to the computer, knowing full well what it can do.  I just don’t feel like standing there for 10 minutes waiting.  So this morning I figured I’d run windows update, some scans and check out the system.  I tried Windows update first, but IE wouldn’t open. So, I had to run it in ‘No Add On Mode’.  Once I did that, I was able to get to the update site, but from there got a weird error that I was unable to get updates, I should clear my cache and try again.  I did.  Same error.  I followed the link and found an actually helpful page (normally the help file/error pages are in my opinion useless).  It turns out that I have a corrupt file in my windows update folder.  So, I was told to stop the automatic update service and rename c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution.  Of course I just wanted to delete it, but I couldn’t, there was a corrupt file, so I could only rename it, which of course made me annoyed. Thanks Microsoft for not giving me a way to deal with corrupted files, just leave them be and they won’t hurt anyone I guess.  Obviously this has happened before.  So I restarted the update service and tried again, and hooray, I could run the update finally.  So as I write this I’m installing things that who knows how long have been waiting.  With any luck, by the time I’m done with my morning blog, I’ll have everything fixed and happy.  Or maybe not, but I can certainly hope.